Rafael Andrade


Brazilian culture captivates the world and our leather plays an important role in that. More than an artistic expression or a commercial product, it is one of the various ingredients that give shape to our national identity.

Major international brands owe their success to the inherent quality of both leather products and manufacturers. Leather is part of their personality, imprinting this secular tradition on a blank canvas, creating long lasting products that perpetuate moments and beauty to our lives. Design na Pele’s initial goal in 2013 was to bring together leather, art and fashion, turning products, creativity, quality and technology into objects of desire.

After establishing its presence in four continents and building important design developments and innovation relationships, DNP have established a new partnership with the global brand Natuzzi Editions, a branch of the global Natuzzi Italia group. Brazilian Leather is the starting point of this this innovative project.

We connect cutting-edge technology and the “bossa” of Brazilian designers with the Italian manufacturing tradition and expertise.
This is Collezione Ginga | Natuzzi Editions for DNP.