Gobba Leather

With more than 20.000sqm of built area, and located approximately 450 kilometers from the capital of the state, Porto Alegre, Gobba Leather’s factory produces an average of 3.000.000ft2/month of leather and 500.000ft2/month of hide both semi-finished and finished.
With high expertise professionals, state-of-the-art technology and wide experience in the leather industry, the company exports to market leaders in all continents. Their modern, dynamic, result-oriented management makes the company highly prepared to act in the globalized world.

Luiz Fuga

Today, Luiz Fuga Couros is present in several leather markets and participates in various international fairs in Europe, in the Far East and in North America, with the support of Brazilian Leather project, in partnership between CICB and Apex-Brasil.

Curtume Minuano

Minuano is located in the city of Lindolfo Color, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, 60 kilometers from the capital of the state, Porto Alegre.
The tannery has a current production capacity of 100.000 cowhide units per month. The production volume is divided among product lines such as: natural leather, furniture leather, automobile leather and airplane leather.
Minuano’s products can be found in the main local and international consumer’s markets. They export 70% of their production to Europe, America and Asia. Quality and service are the foundations on which they work, not only commercially but also environmentally and socially.